Back to Business for this Dominant Diva

Ebony Mistress with muscles in black high heelsImmediately after my FBB contest I hightailed it to Dallas, TX where I was hired as a model for a few projects and I decided to take a few appointments as well. It’s not every day those that admire and support me get to see me in this rare condition. Now some of you are thinking, why not travel and tour in that condition? I have said it before I will say it again, it is IMPOSSIBLE to travel in top physical form. So in the event you wish to admire your favorite muscled goddess during rare form, you will have to catch me on my terms.

The shoot itself was a collaboration of sheer sleek muscles, vascular veins and bulging biceps, along with hot clothes and high heel shoes to top of this dominant diva’s appearance…

Dominant muscular woman with gun

Dominant School Girl and Sexy School Yard Bully

Sexy school girl uniform with plaid skirt and knee socksWho would have thought that a school girl outfit could provoke so many tantalizing fetishes and fantasies? You know, the plaid skirt and knee high white socks, with pig tails or a pony tail. Who knew that so many grown men buckle at knees at their own perverted little ideas when it comes to the school girl?

I decided to the revisited the school girl outfit theme, but as you can see I’m not the ordinary school girl. I am the school girl that will taunt your little white ass, take your lunch money, push you down and rub your face in the dirt. If you even dare to cry for help, well, I’ll do what any school yard bully would do, and that is to kick and beat the crap out you!

So, you see there boys, let’s take a little journey down memory lane and revisit your favorite school girl-bully fantasy. But don’t stress if you can’t recall and want to test fate. Just look me up if and when I come to your city or country. I have no problems kicking or beating the crap out of you… and I will take your money and rub your face in my ass… BITCH!!!!!

Cat fight with the school yard bullyMuscular school girl in school uniformDominant school girl face sits another school girl

Three Goddesses at DomCon LA… Sort Of…

Goddesses at DomCon in LANow don’t be misguided into thinking I attended DomCon cause I didn’t. I did however visit, did a video beat-down and trampling shoot with Goddess Max, who did attend DomCon. In hindsight, I now wish I would have attended – so next year watch out I will be attending with all my glory.

As for the video shoot with Goddess Max, well does the word disappointment come to mind? Goddess Max sent me a text stating that she had a slave that can really take a beating… I was thrilled, my panties even got wet with the mere thought of some idiot getting pounded on. The problem was, as the fists started flying the bitch started tapping (or more so saying “I’m done”).

Three goddesses at DomCon in LALuckily we were able to get some good clips as these two Ebony Diva’s dished out quite a beating and laid on doormat to rest. I also met Andriana Santos a “FemBrat” Professional Dominatrix based in Atlanta who has a mean kick and enjoys ball busting. Yet who would have known she likes muscles and a nice round ass? So it’s safe to say that when my next visit to Atlanta occurs we’re going to have one hot party!

Mistress Treasure

Take a look at this amazing female muscle specimen who jumps straight to number one with a huge 96% rating. Mistress Treasure aka Victoria Dominguez. This incredible 5′ 6″ tall chocolate powerhouse has nipples that would take your eye out. I admire her dedication and the work she puts into obtaining such an amazing 34C-28-38 figure.

She has many strings to her bow including being a dominatrix, wrestler, photographic model, fetish model, muscle model, figure competitor and aerobics instructor. She tours the USA and Europe offering her services and will soon be in London, infact her schedule can be found on her own website which is well worth joining. You can also see her featured on Shemuscle Gym where she also has some hot ebony muscle dominatrix videos.

Mistress Treasure

Mistress Treasure

Love Slave

Love Slave Poem

Admiration is the best form of flattery. I’d say this “love slave” is showing me just how much he admires me… I actually like it. Why don’t you tell me what you think.

Her dark, smooth skin
Is stretched so tight
O’er muscles that
Show female might

With beauty she
Draws a man near
And then makes him
Her power fear

Tween her strong thighs
She’ll squeeze and squeeze
Til he screams out
“Release me, please”

She’ll pin him down
Hold him in place
Then with her breasts
Smother his face

Soon he submits
She’s filled with joy
He says “I give
I’m your boy-toy”

Her big muscles
She will flex
He’ll kiss her bis
And muscled pecs

He’ll worship her
And they’ll make love
She’ll take him to
Heaven above

From now til he
Goes to his grave
He’ll always be
Her true love slave

Sexy Female Muscle

So it’s nearing that time again, the time that my travels are coming to end. That means it’s time to buckle down and train, train, and train. Not only myself but it’s time to train the two slaves I have just acquired.

And anyone who says muscles aren’t sexy can kiss my tight ass good bye! LOL

Black Female Bodybuilder Flexes Sexy Arm Muscle

Kink in Amsterdam

Ebony female bodybuilder backstageTime is of the essence when you travel. When your in my shoes time is all you have and it flies by with the blink of eye. So in Amsterdam I made good use of my time and did a very, very, naughty beat down. It was two-on-one, all-girl, kinky femdom action with Rita Sargo… I promise it was well worth seeing.

In fact, sometime I even scare myself, ’cause I’m a BITCH! Don’t let the sweet smile fool ya. ;)

Featured Guest: Goddess Roxalia

Goddess Roxalia

You’ve heard the saying there are two sides to every story, and this rings true when talking about Goddess Roxalia. She’s the mysterious rock hard muscle Goddess in more ways than one. This muscled beauty stands 6 feet tall, with Amazonian mile high legs that will leave your tongue wagging like the pathetic little dog that you are. This powerful Goddess also has 17 inch biceps that she will wrap around your scrawny neck and slowly squeeze you like an anaconda leaving your weak little body lifeless.

With her commanding presence and hypnotic stare, “The ROCK”, as I call her, will have you on your knees worshiping her perfectly sized 8.5 pedicured toes. The fun doesn’t stop there, you just have to step into her lair and test fate. The question is do you dare?

Goddess Roxalia is new to the scene and is quickly sharpening her skills and looking to play with willing subjects. So, for any that are interested you can see both Mistress Treasure and Goddess Roxalia in a little two on one fun this coming Nov 14th(limited times are available). For more info you can contact me at or Goddess Roxalia at

Goddess Roxalia in police uniform Goddess Roxalia in garters and stockings

Reunited Once Again

Sometimes the downfall of traveling is simply accessibility. Some hotels claim to have a gym (OK i wont go there), others say they’re close by… OK, right!

Well this time I hit the mark, and in Boston of all places. In New York usually I’m able to get a workout in. This was not the case on this trip so for two days I was not able to train (guess I must be popular!).

So upon arriving in Boston I was thrilled like a kid in a candy store – or a slave eager to prove his devotion – and found my true love once again.

No not your pathetic ass… the gym!
Female body builder flexing muscles after working outFemale bodybuilder works out in gym