Getting Ready for the Next National Female Bodybuilding Competition

Muscled female works out in gymWe all know I started taking female bodybuilding competitions seriously last year and had a blast… So I have decided to try my luck at a show again this year. A national level show that is.

I’ve already been met with some disappointments along the way, which has only fueled my desire, but shit happens for a reason. Training is hard, but solitude is most welcomed. I am the Iron Goddess and the Muscled Mistress all combined into one, whose ripped abs are hard and yet soft to the touch? My rock hard biceps can make you submit or cum depending on my mood… and my sexy curves and female muscle leaves you hard and wanting to serve me even more.

It takes discipline to compete, but you don’t have the discipline to resist me. So come back and stay tuned as I post more progress. I told you, you can’t resist me.

Muscular six pack abs of ebony female bodybuilderBeautiful sexy black female bodybuilder in gym

Europe vs. America, Sparking an International Incident

Fit, muscular ebony beauty.Often I get begged by both European and American submissives how much they want to serve me, or how much they want to be a part of my stable. Well more than half the time they are full of SHIT!!! The internet has provided a safe haven for most to boost their deflated egos, while scratching their sagging ball sack, drumming up not even an ounce of manhood to send me a long winded who shot John message about some outdated sexual fantasy.

Then you have those slaves that hear the call of duty and know their place. They are willing, ready, and able to submit and serve beneath my feet, underneath my hard toned ass, or any other body part I may choose. They know who and what they are, and are ready to serve. The question is, is it more Americans or Europeans that truly understand the meaning of servitude?

European submissive man.Well, sorry America… you’re once again two steps behind.

Case in point; last weekend I had a slave serve me for two days. We played, we dined, we had fun shooting, and for the most part we just enjoyed the dynamics of what a Mistress and slave may indulge. Once again it was a European that came forward, not only to talk the talk, but to walk the walk… how refreshing.

Sure I provide a service. Any idiot that can see and read knows this, but at the same token, I also love and enjoy living the femdom lifestyle. I love playing for MY SHEER ENJOYMENT, love being SPOILED, love pushing my toys/slaves to the EDGE just as much as I enjoy fine dining and stimulating conversation.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have some very good slaves in America that have served me well in the past, do so now, and will continue to in the future. For those chosen few, A JOB WELL DONE (and some have done very well). Yet when I look at servitude as a whole – NOT A SESSION – and those that truly comprehend the dynamics of servitude, I have to give my thumbs up to Europe.

Ebony model in black bra and panties.Fitness model posing.Female muscle woman flexes in doorway

Spontaneous Photo Shoot = SEXINESS

Mistress Treasure wearing nothing but high heels

Doing photo shoots are a lot of work no matter if it’s fetish or fitness. The photographer has to get his lighting just right and the model has to be in a sexy frame of mind. When all those things are on point what you can capture can be priceless.

Then you have moments like this… when you’re tired, dieting, and irritable… and did I mention horny? I really didn’t feel like a sexy ebony Goddess, much less taking a damn photo, but you do it anyways. A spontaneous photo shoot sometimes can be a bust and other times, such as this, you NAIL IT. In Florida I did a photo and video shoot with Muscle PinUps (as you have read from my previous post). I also shot some video with a slave on my own. So when this photographer begged to shoot – and I do mean BEGGED – I was not in the mood but I said “OK let’s see what you got”!
Sexy Ebony GoddessKneeling at the feet of a black Goddess

Here’s what I got… KISS MY ASS!!! It ROCKS.

Female Bodybuilding Photo Shoot with Darkside Milinda

Well my trip to Florida was a huge success. I shot with Darkside Milinda for an upcoming female body building shoot with Muscle Pinups. Trust me, you would have wanted to be a fly on that wall! More of a switch than a Domme, I had Milinda hot, wet, dripping, and ready to serve as I played with her body. For her reward for being such a good slave, I told her she could worship my big biceps and please herself with my huge toy, and she did. I never saw someone look so sexy while pleasing themselves before.

Two female bodybuilders, Treasure and Milinda showing front double bicepsTwo sexy female body builders, Treasure and Milinda

We shot a video which can be seen sometime on my site later this year. I look forward to shooting with Milinda and a few other female bodybuilders this coming September at the Olympia… can you FREAK FEST? Don’t miss out…

Female bodybuilders, Treasure and Milinda, flexing their bicep muscles

Happy Birthday Mistress Treasure!

It’s Mistress Treasure’s birthday week… YES, all week long!

Happy Birthday Mistress Treasure from all of your loyal subs and slaves! We LOVE you!

Happy Birthday Mistress from her Slaves

Francesca Petitjean

Francesca Petitjean was a sexy blonde professional female bodybuilder from France. After retiring from competing in the late nineties she decided to put her body to good use and let us all see it in it’s naked glory as she started starring in porn movies. Her first pornographic appearance came in the famous “Bodybuilders in Heat

Her bodybuilding contest record is:
1989 WABBA European Championships – 3rd (Tall)
1989 WABBA World Championships – 1st (Tall)
1990 WABBA World Championships – 2nd (Professional)
1992 WABBA World Championships – 1st (Tall)
1993 IFBB Jan Tana Classic – 12th
1994 IFBB Canada Pro Cup – 8th
1994 IFBB Grand Prix Prague – 12th
1995 IFBB Grand Prix Prague – 8th
1995 IFBB Jan Tana Classic – Withdrew
1996 IFBB Grand Prix Prague – 6th
1996 IFBB Grand Prix Slovakia – 7th
1996 IFBB Ms. International – 13th
1996 IFBB Jan Tana Pro Classic – 19th

She now runs her own porn website called “Bitch With Muscles” where she regularly gets fucked in the gym. Below are some screenshots from one of Francesca Petitjean’s porn movies. There’s plenty more to download from the Bitch With Muscles. So if you like hot sexy blonde female bodybuilders getting fucked hard in the gym you need to join this site.


Francesca Looking for Sex

Francesca Looking for Sex

Francesca sitting on a dick

Francesca Sitting on a dick

Francesca Getting Anal Sex

Francesca Getting Anal Sex

New York Serves Mistress Treasure Well… How About You Philly?

Mistress Treasure strikes sexy pose in sexy jeansHappy Mistress in her tight jeansAlicia Keys says it best in her song New York… You got to love this city, its vibe, its clubs, the food, and of course those that love to play and serve.

It’s never a dull moment here. First I met with a willing and hot sub who was eager to please and eager to showcase his talents. We shot some hot
Mistress Treasure shows her beautiful body in sexy jeansclips from strap-on to muscle worship to me just having fun with his body. Trust me, you would want to be in his shoes. :)

Next, any Mistress loves accepting gifts, and I am no exception. So when one happy slave showered me with some gifts (and as you can see I am wearing pants, AMEN!), well I figured I’d spread the love! Yeah right, more so I figured I’d let you know just what your missing! ;)

Next stop Philadelphia, city of brotherly love… who at times is not so brotherly… stay tuned as the Muscle Worship Tour continues!